The Red Wolf Is Threatened With Extinction

This is an amazing animal who lives in the United States, but currently it has faced threats of extinction due to its dwindling numbers. It is reported that the total number of Red Wolves in America is around or lower than 10!

This has been a great concern of the wildlife authorities and all animal enthusiasts. This species faced the same threat in the 1800s due to poaching and they barely made it through since they were bred in captivity in zoos. A reason for this is that these wolves are monogamous; meaning that they will only mate with one partner for life and it is hard to populate in bigger numbers at once. Currently these wolves are located around North Carolina, but it is hard to track and direct them when they are out in the wild. This type of wolves grow up to 4 feet in length and around 40 to 80 pounds in weight, it is also a very close relative family to the famous gray wolf family.

Although the wild might be not safe for the Red Wolves to increase their numbers, it is their habitat, so it is the best environment for breeding purposes rather than in captivity in a zoo. Visit the National Geographic to get more updates and share it among the community to spread the concern. Check out the list of photos of the Red wolves that we have collected for you and leave your thoughts in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: National Geographic


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