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The Winners & Nominees Of The Ocean Photography Awards 2021

The Ocean is a beautiful and mysterious place that treasures a massive amount of life, plants, and wonders within. This huge body of water which covered a very large area of this planet’s surface is the home for many mysteries and wonders. Most of its parts are still unexplored up to date.

To explore and celebrate this amazing underwater world, Oceanographic Magazine partnered up with SeaLegacy once again to present the world with its annual Ocean Photography Awards. This competition has been a very successful one to call wonderful galleries of photos related to the ocean, from all around the world. The competition for the year 2021 received a lot of photo submissions from a lot of photographers from around the world. They get to showcase their talent on an international level stage by taking part in this contest.

These photographers are more than any regular photographer. They use special gear to take their equipment underwater and they should also dive & maneuver themselves properly to capture the perfect picture that they intend to. These photos are a collection of very hard work in which these photographers try to convey a message to the world through their pictures.

A partner of this competition; the CEO of Blancpain explained that this competition reveals to the world how beautiful the ocean is. It cradles so much life in it and we have the responsibility to conserve it. This competition funds charities to converse the oceans and its life with their profits. And this set of photos of finalists are just breathtaking.

Scroll down to check these amazing photos out and let us know what you think about these amazing photographs in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ocean Photography Awards


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