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The World's Craziest 'Domino Effect' Events That You Should Know

Have you ever seen how dominoes line up to make all sorts of things to trigger? Just like that, the ‘Domino Effect’ is when something small happens and it sets off a set of chain reactions that will eventually lead to change something monumental.

There are a large number of very big events of the world that have started its chain of reactions, starting from a very simple matter. For example, it is said that WW-I happened due to a disagreement over a sandwich. So, this process that makes a micro-event leading to something big becomes very interesting to know.

TikTok user Haythamj has recently posted a video for his followers to share some of the ‘Domino Effects’ they know. A lot of interesting theories and stories ended up being submitted. This person, as he said to Bored Panda, has been collecting and making videos about these sort of odd topics from a young age.

So, we have collected some of these ‘Domino Effects’ which were submitted in response to Haythamj‘s video and more. Scroll down to see if you have already heard of them. Please feel free to share and discuss what you feel about these items listed below and upvote your favorite pick out of the lot to the top of the list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Haythamj | Instagram | Instagram (Photography)

#2 Mechanism to make ink smearing reduced, led Ronald Regan to be president.

A mechanism was make to suck out the moisture in a printing press to make newspapers more neat and dry. It led to the invention of the air conditioning which were installed in movie theatres mainly. With Star Wars becoming a very popular movie, Ronald Regan said that he was fighting the 'evil empire'. Because the movie theatres were visited by so many people thanks to the air conditioning. The candidate sounded very cool and he had more of an attraction in the presidential elections.

#5 Mohamed Bouazizi caused the Brexit and many more.

He was a vendor with his cart when he got arrested with his products in Sidi Bouzid, 2010. On his release he went to complaint about this unjust arrest and demanded his things back. All of his appeals fell on deaf ears. He later set himself on fire, which led to peaceful protests being attacked by the law enforcement. Bouazizi later died due to his burns. These events led to; Tunisian Revolution

Syrian Civil War

Libyan Civil War 

Fall of Gaddafi

Unrest in the middle east, proxy wars, power vacuums

Election of Trump

Brexit and many more.

#9 Writers leaving TV made Trump President.

All the writers on the American writers-guild went on strike for 4 months in 2007. This led to the birth of things that were not scripted, such as; reality TV, talk shows etc. Donald Trump hosted a very successful program 'The Celebrity Apprentice'. This made him a very popular host that boosted his popularity that was a huge factor when her chose to run for the office.


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