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Then And Now Comparison Of 22 People Who Were Internet Memes

Do you use memes on the internet? Almost everyone who is on the internet shares or has seen memes. Memes have been a very special and important element in internet culture. They are basically photos that come with a funny line or a catch phrase to instantly relate it to the viewer and become hilarious. These memes are also used as templates to deliver such hilarious sayings, quotes and lines that usually go viral.

Memes and their templates update from time to time. There is a time for a meme to come and become viral and then the hype of it declines as another new meme surfaces on the social media platforms.

With the popularity of some memes, the subjects in the original picture become famous as well. They have had a lot of followers on social media and sometimes they might even have been offered a few deals in the entertainment industry as well. 

New memes are found and posted all the time, but there are some memes that are remembered by many people even if they are not in use anymore. If we track the subjects in those pictures now, we might find that most of them have changed a lot and a lot of time has passed since that specific meme was in their trending state.

So, we have decided to pick up a set of hilarious and very famous memes that were on trend some time back, to compare it with the present day person who was in it. These are some of the famous memes that were posted, so you might even see them popping up on social media in the present day as well.

Scroll down to check what we have collected for you. Please upvote your favorite meme to the top and share your thoughts about it in the comments sections below!


Written by Alex Bradley

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