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These 16 Pet Photos Won the 2022 Comedy Pet Photo Awards because they were taken at the perfect time : Author Interview

Philippe Halsman, a renowned photographer, spent six hours and required 26 tries to capture the iconic image of Salvador Dali with flying cats in 1948. (and three cats as well). Many of the winning pictures from the 2022 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Awards were almost entirely unintentionally taken, yet they still look amazing.

Yes, it’s finally here! The Comedy Pet Awards winners have just been revealed, and we guarantee that reading this page will make you smile and feel better.

We are thrilled to announce the winners after the organizers initially selected the 30 finest images from the hundreds of photos submitted from 70 different nations around the world. You might already have a soft spot in your heart for one of the finalists; thus, this is your chance to see if your pick won in any of the nominations.

The 2020 and 2021 prize recipients are listed here and here, respectively.

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#3 People’s Choice Award Winner: ‘Dashing Through The Snow’ By Marko Jovanovic

"Carter was on a Euth list in California. We flew from Chicago to Cali to rescue him. This was his first time experiencing snow. As you can see, he couldn't believe he was missing out all these years!"

The creators of the renowned Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam have created the Comedy Pet Awards competition. "After creating the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards a few years ago and experiencing its incredible success and overwhelming response, Tom and I had another aha moment: "Why don't we create another humorous photo competition, but this time for pets." There's an idea, wowza," "Paul Joynson-Hicks, a well-known wildlife photographer, adds.

#6 Highly Commended: ‘Revenge Of The Tennis Ball’ By Christopher Johnson

"This is Star playing in the snow in a local field and getting surprised by a passing tennis ball."

The Comedy Dogs' founders state that their goal is to raise awareness of animal welfare concerns while also celebrating the enormous and priceless impact that pets can and often do have on human lives. We are giving £10,000 to three different charities this year to help better the lives of pets and to promote their work, thanks to the assistance of our fantastic competition partner, Animal Friends.

#9 Highly Commended: ‘Werewolf 2.0’ By Karl Goldhamer

"Even a werewAs you are surely aware, the conflict between cats and dogs has existed throughout the history of mankind. In 2021, a picture of a dog took first place, and this year, cats respond. The winning image from the 2022 competition is titled "Boom Boom" and was taken by Kenichi Morinaga in Fukuoka, Japan.

Kenichi is an expert in both wedding photography and cat photography, yet the winning image was taken entirely by chance. The winner explains, "Cats simply collided on the barrier by mistake." "It ended up being a very amusing scene, like it does in cartoons."
olf needs to relax sometimes..."

The contest's co-organizer Michelle Wood,  claims that "photos taken by accident usually look better every time because you bring that element of chance which is so distinctive and unique." The pleasure of photographing animals is that you never know how they are going to behave, although some posed shots may also be humorous.

"The number of dogs and puppies we had last year was much more than this year's popularity of cats and kittens. We're not sure why, but we're thrilled to have our first feline as the competition's Over All Winner! "Michelle also adds a note.

#12 Highly Commended: ‘Now, How Do I Upload My Pics?’ By Kenichi Morinaga

"I gotta smart phone so I want to upload my pics for my SNS. But I don't know how to use it. Please someone tell me how to use it."

The dogs were also observed, though. The image of Nilo, a 10-month-old adopted dog who had just discovered water for the first time in his life and experienced a whole range of pleasure, was the winner in the Dog category. Jose Bayon is the picture's creator.

By the way, those who love dogs can rejoice that photographer Marco Jovanovich won the People's Choice award. The audience praised the image of Carter, a dog, in wonderful detail, enjoying a snow bath. Carter also has a wonderful tale to tell; his new owners traveled from Chicago to California to save him after learning that he was scheduled for euthanasia there. Certainly, it was worthwhile!

#15 Pets Who Look Like Owners Category Winner: ‘Dave And Dudley’ By Judy Nussenblatt

"This is my friend, David, and his dog Dudley. During the early days of Covid, David and I took advantage of a beautiful day and we were out shooting pictures. Dudley was so excited when we got back that he threw his front paws around David's shoulders and I snapped this picture. They both look like they could use a good haircut, but it was who cares...."


Written by Judy Philomen

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