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These 2 Adorable Cats Tours All Over Japan With Their Human

Cats are one of the most popular domestic pets there are in the world. They are cute little furballs who can be arrogant at times. But their owners love them with their whole hearts. Many cats like to go about their day as they wish instead of being handled or following humans like dogs or any other type of pet. But here is a case of two cats tagging along with their owner in adventures that will amaze you.

This story is from Japan, of course. It is one of the biggest cat-loving populations in the world. And here are these two adorable cats Fuku-Chan and Daikichi who are very faithful and obedient to their human owner Mr. Daisuke Nagasawa. These three together have been traveling all over Japan for some time now. It all started when Nagasawa had to travel for work. He had never been apart from his cats, so he started taking his cats with him as well. 

This quickly escalated into a traveling group as the cats and their owner got comfortable with traveling as a group. They together have been traveling different sorts of places in Japan for over 8 years now and they have visited every one of the 47 prefectures by now. It is so amazing how this trio goes on trips and how these cats have got used to being so obedient in traveling. Nagasawa documents their travels on his Instagram account for the world to see and they have been receiving a huge amount of love all over the world. 

This bond is special since Nagasawa has rescued these two cats when he has found them abandoned in the streets. They might have died in the cold if not for his kind heart. Now this happy bunch has traveled to wonderful places in Japan and we have listed some of the pictures of their trips for you below. Please check the list below and share your thoughts about these adorable cats and their owner in the comments section as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: the.traveling.cats | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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