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These 29 Drawings Will Fool Your Eyes With Optical Illusions

Drawing is one of the most earlier forms of art and people started unleashing their vivid imaginations on paper by this practice. Even in the form of drawing, there are several styles that have distinctive forms for themselves.

Meet this amazing Japanese artist Keito who is known for his amazing realistic drawings which are done to a level of perfection. They are so well done that some people refuse to believe that they are done by hand. But the skill and creativity of this 18-year-old artist are one of a kind. He has been practicing this 3-D (hyper) realistic art in both, color and in grayscale to show off his artistry.

Subjects of these drawings are mainly objects. They are properly visible and portrayed on paper rather than trying to fit in larger-scale objects in a piece of paper. When you compare his work to the real-world object, you will find very few details that did not hit the spot.

As much as he pulls off his drawings after pouring in his imagination, creativity, skill, time, concentration, and everything else, it is important to capture them on camera as intended. This is very important for Keito to share his work on social media. Since everyone uses social media to view art in these recent years, this artist has to be accurate in his photography as well. Just, like that, he turns 2D drawings right into 3D illusions as photos.

A lot of people tune into his social media accounts to check out this pretty cool artwork from all over the world. They get inspired and share his everywhere they can and get more attention funneled. So, we have collected some pictures of this very talented artist. Scroll down and show some love by upvoting your favorites to the top. You can also share your thoughts in our comments in the comments sections.

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