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These 30 Illustrations Shows You A Happy Life With Your Pet

Pets make your life better and wholesome more than you could ever imagine. You will be overflowed with waves of happiness and positivity when you share your life with a pet. This is perfectly illustrated by an awesome artist and illustrator  Yaoyao Ma Van As.

Yaoyao is not a newbie to this industry of art. She has already taken part in big projects with big names in the entertainment industry such as WB, Disney Tv Animation, and much more. So, putting her artistic skills into practice, she has created a collection of illustrations of a life spent with a pet. The specialty of this set of illustrations is that the character and the pet dog are based on the real-life inspiration of the happy vibes she has with her dog “Parker”.

Her art will surely take you away to a wonderland of beautiful colors, happiness, and a world filled with love & happiness. This artist has used her talent to express to the world her happiness and how she treasures her moments with her doggo. She has surely done a successful job in her delivery because almost every person who comes across these illustrations instantly gets lost in this adorable world with the pet close to their heart.

This Los Angeles-based artist is not only an illustrator, she is a painter and an art director as well. Even though this project is not for any big company or project that is done as a job, this is one of the most expressive successful, and influential works that she has done. The art collection proves the fact itself because it is being shared at an amazing rate all over the internet.

So, we thought of collecting some of her work for you to see. Scroll down to check them out. Let us know if you enjoyed them and also if you would love to spend the rest of your days with your lovely pet, just like in these illustrations?

More info & Photo courtesy: Yaoyao Ma Van As | Instagram | Facebook


Written by Alex Bradley

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