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These 70 Transformative And Optical Illusive Make-up Skills Will Blow Your Mind

This is a story about a very talented make up artist called Emma or more known as Movie_mayhem_makeup, her Instagram name. She is popular on the social media platforms for her talents which are really impressive. What she does to gain this popularity is by creating amazing transformative and illusive make up on her using body paint and SFX paint.

She has been doing make up and her interest grew in optical illusive make up when she was doing make ups for children’s parties. So, she started to self study and practice the art of this amazing art form. With the COVID-19 Pandemic she had enough time for herself to practice and master these skills. Also, the pandemic helped a larger audience to spend more hours on social media platforms more than ever. With the boost she got, she made most out of it and achieved the popularity she has on social media platforms today. Follow the links to her social media accounts to view more of her work.

We have listed down some if Emma’s amazing work for you, you can upvote your favourite make up art to the top if the list while sharing your ideas in the comments section as well.

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