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These Amazing Old Houses Looks Like It's A Fairy Tale

Photography lets you capture and document almost anything that you want to. It can let you take anything from anywhere in the world with you. Even though people take all sorts of photographs, amazed by a lot of things. But professional photographers stick to a style or a theme in their photography that they have trained themselves to.

This article is about a photographer who has explored his category of interest. Meet Fyodor Savintsev from Russia. He is a professional photographer who has worked with a lot of national and international level companies that work with his photos. Going into photojournalism, he developed an interest in old dachas houses in remote locations in Russia. These old and traditional houses show a lot of aesthetic properties that amazed Savintsev. And he started to notice that when he was in his parents’ dachas when he was a young boy.

Even though this Russian photographer worked with a lot of popular companies such as Times, Forbes, Le Monde, New York Times, and many more, he decided that he will do this project by himself. He explained to Bored Panda that he fell in love with the strange painting, roofs, and other aspects of architecture that we do not see in modern houses.

These dachas houses are almost around 100 years in age and they could be considered as a national heritage. This photographer is shocked by the fact that it is barely a century ago and modern houses and architecture are already blank while every structure looks the same. The old dachas houses have a lot of aesthetic properties about them and every house was different from the other.

Savintsev is famous in his social media accounts for his photography, especially for his photos of old dachas. A lot of people visit his account and photos, so we thought of collecting some for you. Scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorites to the top. Please share your thoughts about this in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Fyodor Savintsev


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