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These Amazing 'Water Sculptures' Are Made Between The Hands

Every form of art has its own awesomeness within. Art has the power to create and express with no limitations or holding back. This makes art an elegant tool of expression and storytelling. 

This is exactly what has been done by this artist. Meet  Kyle Re Creative, who is a photographer and an editor. While he mainly engages in lifestyle and wedding photography as a professional job, he considers himself to be a ‘visual’ storyteller. He believes that photography is all about reshaping the moment, through the lens of the camera, to relate a story from the photographer’s own perspective. 

This was seen in one of his special projects, which included a series of photos where ‘water sculptures were made between the hands of the model who stood in the shoot. The way he managed to create these mind-blowing figures using water, is Photoshop. He has used his camera to capture fast-moving images, to capture the splashing water between the hands of the model. Then he imports these photos to be edited and rendered into amazing sculpture-like figures as if they are made out of the water.

If you check out the original photos and the edited ones, you will barely find any difference in the water and its flow. It is the talent of this artist, to have the vision and making it happen with the technical skill he uses on these photos and edits to create amazing stories and that is why he calls himself a storyteller of sorts. 

These photos and edits are just splendid and they are being shared all over the world by people who love them. So, we have listed some of his amazing edits along with some of his original photos which are as awesome as the edits. Check them out below.

More info & Photo courtesy:  Kyle Re Creative | Instagram | Facebook


Written by Alex Bradley

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