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These Creative Fashion Inspired Cookies Will Make You Feel 'Hungry' For Outfits

No one says no for food, especially for desserts. And this is for all the foodies with a sweet tooth. This is a story about how creativity and talent can make you land in special places in life. 

Meet Liz Joy who is the creative founder and artist of Inspired to taste who is our subject of this article. She has stumbled across the art of desserts by chance and now she has worked her way all the way to the top, winning awards on her way there.

The specialty of Joy is that she has always loved desserts and she wanted an inspiration to make it furthermore exciting. It hit the right spot when Joy decided that she would be baking cookies that would mimic fashion items. Fashion is something that every person can relate to, so when she creatively make her desserts into pieces of fashion it just doubles up the excitement and the entire mood of anyone who come across them,

Although many people try to do it, Joy makes sure that she mimics the fashion items as it is. To do that, she pays very close attention to the texture, the wrinkling, layering and every small detail that will make the cookie much realistic.

People all over the world love her art and her cookies. She has social media accounts on multiple platforms and all of her accounts with her website are constantly visited by people all around the globe to check her amazing work. This is something that you might want to add into your cooking as well, if there is something that will make you happy and excited to do your work, go for it.

With that, we have collected some of her cookies that are inspired by fashion and listed them down for you. You can scroll down to check them out and rank your favorites at the top by upvoting. Please share your yummy thoughts about this in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Liz Joy | Inspired to taste | Facebook | Pinterest


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