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These Cute Sea 'Slugs' Look As If They Got Right Out From A Cartoon

Are you a fan of “Shaun the sheep”? You might find a close resemblance of the sheep in it with  this adorable sea-slug that we present you with. At first sight, most of you may not see it as a slug since these animals do not look ‘sluggish’.

“Costasiella kuroshimae” is the name of these slugs. They have a very unusual appearance with leaf-like bodies. They are currently found around Japan, Philippines and also Indonesia. These animals can grow up to 5cm in length. They have a very vibrant and a comic look to themselves which gives them this sheep like appearance.

One special reason about this species of sea-slugs is their meal pattern. They are usually found on sea algae, those types of areas are their usual grazing lands. These slugs dine on the algae and the chloroplasts of these algae are the food that provides energy to these slugs. It is really interesting since these animals are the only type of organisms who extracts energy from photosynthesis other than plant life. This process is called kleptoplasty.

After a feeding a is done, these slugs can live up to a few months from the energy that the kleptoplasty produces. It is very interesting how Nature works. 

These adorable sea-slugs have been winning hearts of people just by their looks all over the internet. But they are far more interesting than their looks. Please comment your thoughts about these cute slugs and also, feel free to share any more additional detail about them. Scroll down to check the list of pictures of these adorable creatures below!


Written by Alex Bradley

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