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These Dramatic Photos Are Built With Miniature Props

Movies, TV series and other pop entertainment have been wired into our lives and have a huge influence over society. They are loved by many people all over the world. Excluding the merchandise the companies produce for the fans, there are many people who create different creations of art which are inspired by their favorite pop entertainment elements.

This is about such a production that looks perfectly amazing in its ideology and technical execution. Meet Felix Hernandez Rodriguez who is from Mexico. Being a very talented digital artist and a photographer, he has created a series of amazing photo creations dedicated to a bunch of pop characters and stories.

He has created a very detailed and realistic set of miniature props which he photographed in dramatic positions. This included people, animals, vehicles, buildings, natural structures, and so on. After photographing, this artist uses his photo manipulation skills by editing it out to turn these pictures into very realistic scenes.

Even though the editing was done on these pictures, you will see that most of his effort and artistry was spent on creating these miniature props, positioning them, and photographing them in the most accurate way.

You can see your favorite movies such as Star Wars, Back To The Future, Ghost Busters, and many more recreated by Hernandez. These pictures started to go viral soon as they were shared online and obviously they do deserve the attention they get because this artist has invested a lot in the making of them.

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More info & Photo courtesy: | Instagram