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These ‘Freestyle’ Hairdos Look Incredible

Styling was once a luxurious form of lifestyle and now it has influenced almost everybody to try and look stylish. People in the world are more and more interested in being fashionable and being stylish as a daily element in their lives.

So, when we discuss fashion and style, hair has a big part in playing our sense of fashion, style and also presenting our personality out to the world at the first impression. So the hairstyling industry has boomed in the modern era where people take constant care of their hair. Among all the salons, haircuts, Hairstyles, and grooming methods meet Oksana Trunova and Olga Tarasova who take an unconventional approach to it.

Tarasova is a Russian hairstylist from Moscow who is known for her casual or the freestyling she does when she is styling her clients’ hair. Trunova, a makeup artist backs Tarasova’s work with makeup that is similarly ‘freestyle’.

They believe that the mainstream, uptight sort of make-up and hairstyling culture is overrated and is not special anymore. A lot of people tend to like more simplistic and off-the-book sort of looks when they get styled. So, these two artists join to create looks that are not expected in the mainstream beauty industry.

But their work is being loved by their clients and it is being accepted by people all over the globe with what they post online. So, we decided to bring you comparison photos of this talented duo for you to have a look at. You can upvote your pick to the top of this list. You can comment on your thoughts about this different styling approach in the comments sections.

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