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These Incredible Wood Carvings Looks Extremely Life-Like

Art is a very subtle and creative form of expression that is presented in a huge number of ways. But sculpturing has one of the art forms that have no backups or any undoing settings to it. So any action that is being made should be well planned and precise. 

This article brings you a collection of such art which is very admirable. These wood sculptures are very smooth, subtle, and also very life-like. The artist behind these amazing sculptures is Peter Demetz who has clearly proved himself to be a very talented artist.

This Italian sculptor has completed a number of life-like human figure sculptures that are also in human sizes. The anatomy, clothes, postures, and even the expressions on their faces are very precisely done. This is a form of art where one wrong move could take away his entire piece of art since it is irreversible.

As he has explained on his website, he has captured the emotions of solidarity, loss, sadness, and other isolated emotions of people. Placing them in very practical poses, he has been able to extract the emotion out of those wooden creations.

His art has been admired by many people all around the world. His website contains more of his work for you to see and you can find the link to his website below. The art of creating human expression very skilfully with a piece of wood is something that only a master of that art can pull off. So, we have collected some of his pictures for you. Scroll down the list below to check them out. Also, do not forget to comment on what you feel about this amazing skill.

More info & Photo courtesy: Peter Demetz website


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