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These Inspiring Spin-Wire Sculpture Art Will Catch Your Eye

Sculpturing is an art form that is being practiced since the Greek and Roman empires. It has been practiced on stone and marble, showing off the amazing artistic abilities of the artists. But when time and art evolves, it takes different forms and avenues. This article is about such a new form of sculpturing done by a set of modern artists.

This set of artists have been inspired by one of the modern artists who brought ‘wire-sculpturing’ into existence. He is Alexander Calder, and this modern-day artist paved the way for a large number of artists to follow, an art form that the world has never seen before. This thin, metallic form that had no artistic value of its own, is now sculptured into complex figures. 

These wire-scultpures make all sorts of things as its subjects. The specification of the medium allows it to be bent and create any organic/inorganic thing as a sculpture. Calder started it out to test out some jewelry-designing with this specific medium and it expanded into this form of sculpturing which a lot of artists after, got to express their artistry through it.

This form of art is a very interesting and a popular one in the world. So, we decided to collect some pictures of sculptures made by various artists who have been very good at their job. Scroll down to check these pictures out of this amazing sculpturing medium. Feel free to comment your thoughts about these in the comments sections below.


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