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These Mice Got Their Own Minature House To Live In

Every animal in the world deserves to live a happy and safe life. But some types of animals are condemned by people as pets and animals who are not fit to live in the neighborhood. But there are enough kind souls to help the needy to live happy life.

This is a story of a photographer who helped a family of mice get a happy home to live in. Meet Simon Dell, he has spotted a family of mice in his garden and decides to give them a loving home. He did not take them into his house, but he did something even more adorable. Simon built this group of mice, their own cozy house. And now it is an amazing story to see and an awesome sight to visit as well.

We built miniature houses on the edge of his garden as ‘hobbit’ houses. Adding more homely features, these talented artists added domestic utensils as well. If you take a look inside you might be able to see tables and chairs, mugs, and any other random thing you will find in a house. With all these components, he added a few miniature dolls to fit in with their houses.

Although it took a while for the mice to move into their new home, Simon gave them enough time to settle in and feel comfortable. Providing them an amazing house as well as food, this photographer captured cute moments of these cute creatures at home. This happened in 2018 and now, you can find many generations of mice living in their mouse-houses happier than ever.

These pictures that Simon captured were uploaded to social media and people just love it. There has been a discussion online with an insane amount of views as well. Scroll down to check out the photos and follow the links for more.

More info & Photo courtesy: George the mouse in a log pile house| The mouse by the brambles


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