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These Photos Capture The Beautiful Worlds In A Water Drop

When people hear the word “Photography”, they naturally think of wildlife or any sort of photo style that captures scenic views. But it is much more sophisticated than capturing scenes and wide-angle photos. It can happen on a micro to macro scale as well. These photo genres are dedicated to exploring and capturing images of very small and sensitive things in a very aesthetic manner.

This leads to our artist that we are highlighting today in this article. Meet Amthel Al-Dayni who is a skillful photographer who has set his gaze upon a specific subject in his photos. He is known for ‘water droplet’ photography. Water is a very interesting element, it can transform anything it can get into, be soft and flowing at the same time it can be rough and dangerous. It is an element that can turn from good to bad and vice-versa in very dramatic ways.

Nothing can be clear and transparent as water. But even when using water, Amthel uses a specific form of it; water droplets. These have a specific nature of their own. The structure of a droplet, the clearness, and the globular reflection of things through the water are very miniature and aesthetic features.

Pictures of Amthel have been making a lot of impressions all over the world. His water droplet photos are also being shared among various social media platforms making them very popular. So, we decided to collect some of those photos for you to have a look into the amazing world inside a water droplet that this photographer has captured very successfully. Scroll down and let us know what you think about this set of photos in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Amthel Al-Dayni


Written by Alex Bradley

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