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These Photos Show You The Amazing Polish Folklore Costumes

Traditional aspects of each and every country differ with the region, history, and many other influences. But the modern world and its countries are getting more & more closer with the advancement of almost every industry. With this, a lot of these traditional elements are left behind. One of the main things that are changed in society is clothes. Clothing was one of the main things that defines different regions and nationalities back in the day. But with globalization, the entire world is adapting to one general form of fashion.

Anna Węcel is a Polish photographer who got the idea of creating a gallery of portraits of traditional clothing, preferably costumes of Polish folklore.  She wanted to take her country’s different sorts of traditional clothes to the international community. A great opportunity for this photoshoot showed up as ‘Cepelia Poznań’, a kids’ folklore group dressed up for this photoshoot, in traditional clothing. They wore different types of traditional wear to represent different parts of the country.

It is amazing that one country can have such a diverse amount of traditions which contributes to one general combination to be called the Polish tradition. This is what Anna wanted to show the world, the diversity, and the beauty within her country. The portraits are captures and edited to get a bit blurry or you might even say a water-color style into them. This nature of her photographs gives them a storybook kind of vibe when a person goes through this gallery.

We thought of sharing her photos below our article to show you how amazing polish folklore costumes can be. And also to support this photographer to share her story across the world. Scroll down to check them out and let us know your thoughts about these amazing portrait photos. 

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