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These Portraits Made Using Scrap Are Will Please Your Eyes

Art is a form so fluid that it can be expressed in infinite amount of ways and mediums. Painting, drawing, and other forms of classic art has made a huge impact on the world as art keeps on expanding in the modern society. Contemporary and modern art is discovered in the recent past where new mediums and form of arts are invented and practiced.

This is about such a form of art that is practiced by a young artist called Matt Small. He is a very talented artist who seek new avenues in the field of art. Moving to the side by using non-conventional approaches, he uses what most people consider trash. He uses discarded scrap metal items to create his art; portraits. 

Portraits are some of the most complex art subjects, even in classic forms of art. But this artist collects scrap metal and creates amazing portraits that are absolutely beautiful. He further explained to Bored Panda that he has been struggling to use his art form as a medium to express his views and voice. His subjects on his portraits are the people who he stands up for, Underprevileged young children who are pushed away from the society. 

By his art, he proves that he can create masterpieces from what people call trash. So, he wants to shed the light on the fact that no one knows what a person can become with prejudice.

A lot of art lovers and others have been mesmerized by his portraits. His social media and website is being visited by a lot of people all around the world and he has very successfully become a popular contemporary artist with a voice.

We have decided to collect and list some picture of Matt Small for you. Scroll down to check them out and you can also upvote your favorites to the top. Visit his website in the links below for more details. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Matt Small | Instagram


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