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These Set Of Creepy Clown Photos Are Scary But Stunning

We are back with some more photos of these scary clown girls. This time, they bring along some friends to the party! Here is another round of photos by Tara Mapes. But this time, it is a different setting and theme.

As we brought you the news about Tara’s earlier photoshoot in an article on our website, this happened after the first one went viral. She explained on Bored Panda that she called a haunted house, “Horror Haunt”, to check if they would let her use their venue for her photos and they agreed! She went in with the stunning clown girls and the rest of her supporting models. Unlike the earlier photoshoot that was casual, this being inside a haunting house added context to her photos.

This ghastly setting of haunted rooms and setups are the perfect locations to bring out the delirious flavor into this photo collection. The blood-splattered walls, body bags hanging on chains, and other classic, horror props are available in this house which is located in West Harrison, IN 47060.

After a creative session of spookiness, Tara ended up with some of the most freaky photos of her carnival clown girls who looked stunning at the same time. It is so amazing how the concept of clowns has been embedded in the genre of horror in Pop culture. We should also not forget about the makeup, clothing, and the amazing talent who stood in for the photos. This photo collection is a team project of creativeness, talent, and a hint of luck to be able to find the perfect things that go together.

Scroll down to check out this collection of these carnival clown girls and their friends. Check out this amazing photographer’s social media accounts for more awesome work. Share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below. 

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