These Set Of Photographs Of The Andromeda Galaxy By This Swiss Photographer Will Blow Your Mind

Space and all the celestial bodies are such a wonderful set of topics that any of us would be mesmerized by talking about them. They are even more amazing when they light up the night sky and dazzle us while we just stare at them in awe. Milky way, the galaxy our Solar system belongs to, is what we mostly see in the night sky. But, we can also see the closest galaxy next to the Milky way in the night sky as well and a Swiss Photographer has captured some amazing pictures of it.

This neighboring galaxy is known as the Andromeda Galaxy. Even though we say that it is the closest, it is still 220,000 light years away from our own galaxy. Sandro Casutt who lives in Vals, a village in Switzerland, is a sucker for the night sky. He conducts his own Tattoo parlor for his day job and pursuits his passion when the sun goes down as a night sky enthusiast. This wonderful galaxy sighting which was captured by Casutt is so colorful and amazing that some might think that this is photoshopped.

With the help of his brother Markus, Casutt is now conducting courses in capturing the night sky after the release of his  Cosmic Art Photography  collection. We have listed down some of his wonderful work below for you. Please scroll down to check them out and vote your favourite shot to the top. Feel free to drop down your ideas about this collection in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Sandro Casutt | Facebook | 500px


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