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These Super Realistic Toys Looks So Real That People Mistake The Pictures For Real Animals

Recently there were some discussion among the people of the internet about few cute images of animals. There were debates about them being real vs them being fake. Yes, images of some of these soft toys are the ones which are creating these debates. These hyper realistic toys are being made by this very talented Russian artist named, Anna Yastrezhembovskaya.

She is famous all over the internet for her perfect ‘hand-made’ bats and birds. They look very similar to the actual creatures in their appearance and in size as well. After they became famous, Anna realized that she had the creative talent to make these super cute toys. She started to sell the toys she makes online. Quickly, the images that she posted of them on her social media accounts took off. People actively visit and share these pictures that Anna posts all over the internet platforms creating a discussion within the community. With this spotlight on her work, Anna now gets to put her toys that she made as a hobby for sale online!

So, we have gathered a collection of her amazing soft toys. They are also available for you on sale from the links down below and on her social media accounts. Please scroll down to check out these very real looking toys of Anna and vote what you like the most, to the top of this list. Also, do not forget to comment down your thoughts about these as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: Anna Yastrezhembovskaya | Facebook | Etsy


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