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These Vintage Photos Comes To Life When They Are Colorized

When the world was introduced to photography, there were no colors. In the early ages of photography, there were only monochromatic photographs available. After a while, the technology developed enough to create color photographs. But until then, every photograph captured was in ‘black and white’.

Although many people would argue that it looks exactly the same except for the color and there is not much of a difference, there is. Color plays a large role in bringing the event, people, and the entire photo into ‘life’. Proving this fact a talented digital artist has done a very interesting project. Meet Sébastien de Oliveira who is a digital artist based in Paris. He is passionate about History, painting, and photography. So, putting all those three passions together, he collected vintage-monochromatic photos and digitally colorized them.

He explained Bored Panda that he combined his passions on this project and that the ‘daily lives’ of people are the best way to have a peek at the society and the lives of people in that era. He believes that his interpretation will help the photos get life to themselves and do a better job at illustrating its monochromatic form. 

Now you can see the difference the colors make in a photo. This imagined colorization brings the viewer closer to the event in the photo than it was in monochrome colors.

You can scroll down to check out the project that Oliveira has done along with the original photos to see the difference it made. Please let us know what you think about this article by commenting on the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Sébastien de Oliveira


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