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These Wedding Photos Will Surely Put A Smile On Your Face

Weddings are some of the most amazing. complicated, colorful, busy, and happiest events in the world. But to the couple and the families, it is the beginning of a fresh start, a combination of raw emotion and hope. No matter where you are in the world or no matter what cultural aspect you have in your wedding it is the day where two people build and form a separate family and start their own life.

One of the most important things at a wedding is photography. This captures the most treasured memories of a wedding. When the event is done, the buffet is closed and the lights are shut off, everyone goes home. But the photos that are captured live forever in those memories. You can always flip through your albums and re-live these moments with your loved ones.

And there is no better stage than the FdB Awards to honor and shine the spotlight on these photographers for their talent and service. With a panel of international judges, this competition calls for the most amazing wedding photographs from all over the world.

Martino Buzzi, who is the director of this awards show explained to Bored Panda that this competition was organized to bring wedding photographers all over the world together. Even though there are galleries and constant shows for other types of photographers, there are no chances for the wedding photographers as the others. So, these sorts of competitions will allow these amazing photographers to shine.

We have collected some of the photos from this competition below for you. Please check them out. You can share your thoughts about these pictures or even your own weddings in the comments sections below.

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