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This 3 Year Old Girl Dresses Up As Empowering Women Who Are Role Models

Role models are important in any society. As we grow up, we get our vision and empowerment from certain people in mutual things that we pursue. Inspiration is important in every person’s growth, it motivates people to be focused and walk towards their goals in life.  Scout Penelope, is a 3 year old girl who did a photoshoot by dressing up as her role models who empower her.

From world famous actresses from very inspirational and famous movies , to animated characters such as Moana, she also dressed up as her real life role model; her grandmother. Nonnie, as Scout calls her, has won her battle against cancer and now she inspires Scout as a strong woman who handled life and its problems like a boss. Scout’s mother said Bored Panda was very proud of her for having a set of role models who will guide her and she too supported this photoshoot.

After doing this photoshoot, Scout posted these pictures on her Instagram account. As soon as these photos entered cyberspace, they received a lot of attention from the online community. Everybody appreciated this little girl’s will to honor her role models, specially her Nonnie, who is a big part of Scout’s life. So we have listed some of the photoshoot’s pictures below for you. Please scroll down to check out this awesome collection of pictures and follow the links for more information. Comment down your ideas and thoughts in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Scout Penelope


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