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This 58-Year-Old Granny Rocks Cosplay Outfits In Style

Every hard-working person’s dream is to reach their retirement so they can spend the rest of their lives with ease. But when it comes to the actual age and the time of retirement, most people end up bored. The monotonous life will catch up to you pretty soon, well, that is what most retired people say.

But this is a story where a Granny of 58 years refused to give in to that boring lifestyle. Meet Marina Badianova from Russia. She is a very fun-loving character and the role of a senior citizen does not suit her yet! This interesting story begins as she was shopping for her daughter when she was approached by a photographer. She was invited to stand in for few pictures and all the awkwardness left Marina after that first session. Then she got the whiff of cosplay and the photo-shoot business pretty well.

It was only a matter of time before she started putting costumes together herself. She shopped in a lot of flea markets to get cheaper clothing materials and also to match her style. Although we see a lot of Pop and Neo-pop cosplaying done, Marina had her own style; Steampunk. Since 2015, she continues to stand in for cosplay photoshoots with various young photographers who are always ready for it.

Cosplay has really transported Marina back to her younger days at heart while enjoying her retirement in real-time. This is probably one of the best life a retired person can live. No matter how old we grow, we always tend to be young at heart and love fun.

Dressing up as various characters from different famous movies as well as other characters, Marina is now a very famous cosplay model, whose photos are being loved and shared all over the world. We got some of her photos for you listed below. So, have a peek at this amazing collection of photos and let us know what you think about her. You can also upvote your favorite costume to the top of this list!

More info & Photo courtesy: Marina Badianova


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