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This Adorable Black Cat Is Loved By Everyone Is On Instagram

Cats are adored by many people all over the world. These cute, lovable, and fluffy furballs are some of the most popular domestic pets there are in the world. If you are a cat lover, you don’t need anything more to convince you that cats are one of the best pets to have at home.

But with social norms, ‘Black cats’ are considered as bad luck in many parts of the world. How do these adorable creatures become responsible for bad luck by the color of their fur? With these myths still prevailing even on a small scale, these cats are given a different look from society. But, here is a good example that will convince you that black cats are the same as others.

Meet MeonJi who is a cat with pitch-black fur. This Scottish fold feline is known for its black appearance. It is also known for its funny poses and behavior that makes a lot of people laugh on Instagram. Studies show that black-colored cats take much longer to be adopted, considered the other colored cats in shelters.

Black has been tagged as a color of evil and bad luck by some people in the past and it still lingers in today’s advanced society. But if you visit MeonJi’s Instagram profile, you will see that this cat is way more fun than any cat you have known. So may this be a shout-out to every poor black cat out there! 

Scroll down to see the pictures of MeonJi we have gathered for you. You may prefer black coated cats more after you check out these pictures. Have a peek at the most hilarious photos of this adorable cat who has a big follower base on Instagram. Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments sections below.

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