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This Amazing Artist Brings Out Childish Personalities From These ‘Incomplete’ Sculptures

This is an amazing set of sculptures that presents you with the most basic and one of the most powerful expressions there are. These, rather odd sculptures that you might think are incomplete are not. It is the way that its artist intended it to be.

These sculptures are done by a very talented artist from Norway, Lene Kilda who expects to present her view of this amazing method of expression. She believes that ‘body language is one of the most powerful and one of the purest forms of expression there is, in the world. Countries, languages, cultures, and other elements that cause people to limit themselves to one another cannot affect people’s body language. When considering ‘pure expression’, who does it better than children? With none of the society’s and life’s weathering on their shoulders, they express the purest thoughts.

Kilda decided to throw both of these elements and create this set of sculptures. The artist leaves out the main body mass in most of the sculptures and the faces of every one of them. By doing this, the artist tries to present to the audience that the face is not a necessary element for a sculpture to reveal its body language.

Happiness, sadness, wonder, and all of those expressions are conveyed. Kilda has designed these pieces by using cement and mesh wire to create a body and the structure of their clothing. This set of sculptures received a lot of positive feedback when their pictures were uploaded on social media.

So we listed some of these pictures down for you below. Please scroll down to check them out and you can follow the links for further details. Feel free to comment down your thoughts as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Lene Kilda | Instagram | Facebook


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