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This Amazing Campaign Shares The Necessity Of Seatbelts

A lot of automobile accidents happen all the time in the world. This causes damage, injury, and loss of lives in these accidents, but wearing a seatbelt saves a huge amount of lives every year. Around 90 lives are lost due to accidents with no seatbelts worn in New Zealand while that number rises significantly in the US to around 2500 annually. Most of these accidents include young individuals with a lesser tendency to wear seatbelts.

With these numbers, NHTSA studies the importance of wearing a seatbelt when driving a vehicle. This article is about a powerful campaign done by Clemenger BBDO Wellington and New Zealand Transport Agency partnering up with VICE. They have invited car crash survivors who wore seatbelts to come forward and share their stories with this campaign. A lot of people stepped in to share their stories and the campaign chose a few to be taken into a photoshoot.

The campaign used the photos and the accident reports of the selected people to recreate their injuries using FX and makeup. They wore it proudly as they were photographed. This was done to show the minimal damages that a person can walk away with rather than experience severe casualties, coma conditions, or the worse. Most of the people who shared stories with this campaign had their vehicles completely damages but managed to walk away from the scene with bruises, scratches, and other minor injuries.

If you are interested you can take a look at the Belted Survivors website where you can find the stories of all survivors who shared their stories. These photos that were taken are published in ad placements and are displayed all over New Zealand to create more awareness. Please spread the message of being safe. Because being safe and alive is much cooler than anything else.

Scroll down to check out the photos taken by this campaign. These are the damages these drivers took upon themselves in fatal accidents since they wore a seatbelt. You can comment on your ideas and thoughts in the comments sections below as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Belted Survivors


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