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This Amazing Photographer Helps Children To Escape Child Labor And Get Education

Everybody in the world is not entitled to a good life. And some of them do not even have an opportunity to attend primary education. You read it right, even though a child has the right for their education, still some parts of the world obstruct that right due to many economical reasons.

This is such a story from Bangladesh. Photographer GMB Akash have been documenting children who are used in child labor in his country. These children work in brickfields and factories due to various economical reasons, but this is an ongoing dark-culture in Bangladesh and as Akash explains to My Modern Met, there are over 4 million children used in child labor.

His goal is to help these children to get out of this unjust child labor operation and to get them into proper education. He helps these children using his photography skill; photography. He continues to document and spread the word about this to the world for around 17 years now.

He has always worked on dark projects such as sex workers, drug addiction, caste discrimination and mostly child labor which is his main focus even at the present day. He explains that this happens due to mass ignorance of the general population, so that the authorities ignore to enforce the law as well. Within this interconnected loop of ignorance, it is the children who are being exploited and used.

Akash had been able to make a discussion about this on an international level by his photos and by a bit of fundraising done, he has helped a number of families economically. By doing that, Akash has been able to pull out a number of  children from the labor exploiting worksites and direct them into proper education.

Child labor is a big problem in most of the third world countries where illiteracy and poor economic conditions push the general population to ignore these illegal activities to happen. But humanitarians such as Akash will use what they have to offer to shine a light to these problems to the extent they can. Please visit his website, share his content to make more awareness about this in the global context. Please scroll down to see a set of comparison pictures of children who got out of child labor and into education with Akash’s help. Please comment your thoughts on this in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: GMB Akash | Facebook | Instagram | Patreon


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