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This Artist Creates Amazing Art On Trash That Are Found On Site To Blend It In With The View

Are you a travel enthusiast? Or an art enthusiast? No matter even if you are not into any of those two, you can still enjoy this beautiful concept of turning trash found in nature into a part of nature by art. This is the work of a talented and a very creative artist named Mariah Reading and she had been doing this for a while now.

She is based in Maine and her work is largely based around her hometown. Mariah is in love with art and nature. As she travels to places, she finds that people have trashed certain places. Since she finds all sorts of trash almost anywhere she goes, she decided to make art out of anything that she finds.

Inspired by her sculpting class, she could comfortably get creative with trash as she explained to My Modern Met about this. She skillfully paints whatever the thing she finds as trash to fit in with the view from that specific point of view. Usually these scenic art is complex and vibrant if it should look realistic. But Reading manages to create a wonderful painting on any item, so that the item just disappears into the view with the artwork on it.

She takes photos of the specific item, placed in the view that it becomes a part of. Her photos prove that she has undoubtedly serious skill in her technical application and also with her creativity. A lot of people are amazed when they stumble across her pictures of these works when she posts them on her social media accounts. She also has these items for sale on her website if you are interested in getting them.

We have listed some of her art work against the scene that she painted them into. You can scroll down the list and upvote your favorite piece of art. Feel free to comment down your thoughts on these sets of photos while you go through this list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Mariah Reading | Instagram | Facebook


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