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This Artist Redesigns Amazing Disney & Other Pop Dresses

Disney and other Pop Fairy tales had an influence on a lot of people growing up. As children, all of us listened to our favorite bedtime stories with magical princesses. Disney brought an era of fairy tales to life, taking entertainment to new heights and Disney laid out the basic stepping stone to many of the modern fantasy movie productions.

With all the adventures, the palaces, and the magic, everyone loved the beautiful princesses and their appearances. The elements of fashion were truly amazing and every little girl wanted to be a princess anytime they had to pick out an outfit.

This artist, just like everyone who loves these Princess’ outfits decided to put her imagination and skill to the test. Valentine Moon is the name of this amazing artist who has taken sewing as a serious hobby and she has redesigned some of the most amazing Princess outfits. She has done this with pure love for the fairy tales and their characters that she still loves.

She has got these ideas during the pandemic lockdown, everyone was bored at home. After watching several dressmaking videos and content online, she decided to put her hobby to the test. Amazingly, it turned out to be pretty successful.

Although she recreates dresses of characters who appear on Disney and Pop fairytales, she does not copy them. She gets inspired by the dresses and adds her own elements to them in the process of making them.

So, if you are into fashion or fairytales, check these photos out! You can upvote your favorites to rank them higher on this list. Please share your ideas about these by commenting on the comments sections below.

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