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This Book Lover Creates Imaginary Worlds Using Her Books

People say that books transform us into imaginary worlds where any and everything is possible. And any book reader or a book lover knows that this is absolutely true. We cannot see the world that the books create inside every person’s imagination, but one book lover tried to express the feelings that books give in a very creative and visual manner.

This article brings you a colorful collection of photos taken by Elizabeth Sagan. She is a book lover and the founder of mybookfeatures. She has hordes of books and is engulfed in her own imagination. Although many people could exhibit what their choice of entertainment or pleasure brings them in a visual medium, Sagan could not show what she had in her imagination. 

So, she chose to do let her creative mind do what it does and be creative. She expresses her feelings of reading books by building structures using books in an aesthetic manner. Not only that, she poses herself interacting with the books to create illusions of her in her imaginative worlds. It is amazing how she managed to use single-shaped objects to create such amazing structures using their thickness, the nature of the pages, and the colors of the covers.

This amazing lifestyle of her, surrounded by books becomes even more interesting with the creative art that she builds. Her social media accounts are visited by a lot of people all around the world. If you are also a book lover, you will definitely enjoy her photos listed below and even might relate to those feelings.

Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about them.

More info & Photo courtesy: Elizabeth Sagan | mybookfeatures


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