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This Dad Edits His Childrens' Photos Into Daring Accidents

Dads can be goofy and comical to a point where moms will have to babysit them at times as well. We get to know about a lot of funny dad stunts that dads all over the world pull off from time to time through the internet. This story is also about a dad who has a very funny sense of humor coupled up with some mad photo editing skills.

This couple from Belgium is a happy and humor-loving family with two beautiful kids. Every time the mother; Kenny’s girlfriend leaves their kids with the father, she constantly check-up with him to know how the kids are doing. Kenny, who is a tech-director who knows what he is doing on Photoshop decided to create a new type of response to send his girlfriend. This was when he got together with his kids; Aster & Alix to create very realistic photo edits of these kids getting into danger.

Although this dad loves them with his whole heart, his edits are so realistic that it would make anyone gasp if they did not know that these pictures are edits. They create scenarios where his children would get into careless accidents in the household and around their daily life.

We have no idea how his girlfriend reacted to these photos, however. But these surely must have given her a shock each time she opens up his message and she must have some next-level patience! However, these pictures have a lot of visitors since this dad has set up an Instagram account called “On Adventure WIth Dad” which has a huge amount of followers. This collection of edits have made it to almost every social media platform as people shared them a lot of time. Well, who wouldn’t? These are some quality photo manipulation skills and a touch of good humor.

We got some of his photos for you below. So, check them out and share your thoughts about these pictures in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: On Adventure WIth Dad


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