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This Dark Carnival Themed Photoshoot Looks Totally Awesome

People dress up in various fashionable clothing, makeup, and other ways to express themselves when dressing up. They are a lot of fashion options that modern society offers. It can be clothing, it can be shoes, it can be makeup, or anything else, but if you match and dress up in an aesthetic way, you have achieved your goal. There are no rules or norms for aesthetics and this is exactly what this set of photos are; aesthetic.

This article is about a photoshoot that was done in an uncommon theme. It was a dark carnival theme that was captured on camera by Tara Mapes. She, her sister, and friends planned this carnival-themed photoshoot for a while and worked with a designer to get the costumes put together. The subjects had to have a bit of a spooky look in them while it was not all gore.

The location was decided to add some casual atmosphere to their photoshoot. Although we see these types of makeup and costumes in movies and video games, we do not see people dressing up in these sorts of costumes except Halloween. So, this photoshoot that was done by Tara and her crew was different from the beginning and it sure did make a statement while capturing a lot of attention.

After a process that took hours in the photoshoot, they finally collected some amazingly striking photos. Tara Explained at Bored Panda that as much as the photographer and the designer, the models standing in understood their role and delivered it extremely well. Finally, their combined effort paid off as a very successful photo shoot.

You can find more photos of this photoshoot on Tara’s social media accounts and her website. In the meantime, scroll down to check out the photos that we have collected for you. Share your thoughts about these photos with us in the comments section.

More info & Photo courtesy: Tara Mapes | Facebook | Instagram 


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