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This Drag Queen Can Turn Herself Into Any Celebrity

Drag Queens are people, who can also be referred to as cisgender males, who dress and do make-up to take a feminine appearance. Unlike most of the mainstream queer community, Drag Queens embraces feminity as a whole. Dressing, hair, makeup, and every small element are observed and practiced by Drag Queens.

 Their ability to transform into an almost perfect woman in appearance is an amazing talent. We will be discussing such a talented Drag Queen in this article. Meet Alexis Stone, who is popularly known for her transformation abilities. She, as Alexis prefers to be addressed, is has been drag dressing and doing her make-up for a long time that, she already knows how makeup works more than some biological females!

The world knows her from her social media accounts where she posts all her dressed-up photos. Her beauty as a drag queen is very much appreciated on the internet but we bring you a specialty about her in this article today. She has the ability to transform into the different people that she wants to be. Her skill in make-up helps her to properly identify features and contours of any face in order to use the cosmetic on herself to mimic the person she wants to transform into.

She has posted a set of photos where she has transformed into a number of celebrities. The elements on their faces are carefully copied onto Alexis’ face and it is a very successful and amazing set of transformations to see. So, we collected some of her transformation photos for you on the list below. You can upvote your favorite transformation to the top of this list while you scroll through it. Comment down your thoughts and ideas about this amazing talent in the comments sections as well.

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