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This Editor Combines Different Pop Character-Photos Together

Hollywood’s movies and their characters are popular all over the world across many countries. There are so many world-famous movies and actors who have fans of all languages and colors. Recently, there is an emerging trend in the world of entertainment where specific movie universes collide together to create a brand new set of movies!

Pursuing to ignite such creativity and possibility in our minds, a Hungarian digital artist has been creating some interesting photo manipulations. He is known as PixelFaker and his artwork is being loved by a lot of people all over the world. Imagine how the movies would change if you saw minions in the movie ‘Alien’, the terror-filled thriller movie would instantly become a laugh-busting comedy special in no time.

The collection of these morphed movies by photo edit contains movies such as Terminator, Forrest Gump, Aquaman, Men in Black, and much more. It also includes animated characters such as the minions, characters from Finding Nemo, Tangled, and so on. 

The choice of placement of these characters is the interesting part of this edit than the technicality of the edit. The emotions and the possible scenarios of the morphing are what make his edits very special and popular. This digital artist has managed to speak to the hearts of many people online by uploading his edits to his social media accounts.

People all over the world visit and share his content on the internet. So, we collected some of his work for you and listed them below. Scroll down to check them out and u[vote on your favorites to place them at the top of this list. Make sure you share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well.

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