This Farm Turned Into A Sanctuary For Fluffy Siberian Cats

The Siberian weather is known to be very harsh and a rather uniform one. The blizzard and the snowy terrain have turned it into one challenging place to be living for all animal forms. This is a story about how a farm of a Russian farming couple is overrun by Majestic Siberian cats and has made it their home.

This couple of farmers who live on their farm in Prigorodny, Siberia; Alla Lebedeva & Sergey has their farm cats running all over the farm. They have been around this farm since 2004. The first cat has given birth to 5 kittens and it started to go on now, the farm has countless amount of Siberian cats.

This couple of Russian farmers are also being repaid for their hospitality. The cats take care of the Chicken and the Rabbits on the farm from rats. These cats have a number of bedrooms to sleep in, and they sleep in the henhouse. So, this gives the farmers a sense of security about their farm animals and the animals on the farm learn to co-exist and trust each other.

Siberian cats are usually misinterpreted as Norwegian cats, but these are cats who are built for this darling weather. Long and thick fur coats, high levels of intelligence, and their bodies, which are made for hunting, make them an agile type of predator in this environment. 

The couple has been having this mutual friendship with these cats for a long time and Lebedeva usually posts photos about their gorgeous pets online. These photos containing a large number of cats have caught the attention of a lot of people online. Their wish is to set a world record by having the largest amount of domesticated Siberian cats and they are already on their way there! 

We shared some photos of these majestic beauties that Lebedeva has shared online. You can scroll down to check them out and follow the links for more. You can upvote your favorite kitty photo while sharing your thoughts about these stunning creatures in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Lebedeva | Youtube


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