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This Father Designs And Makes Clothes For His Daughter

Fashion is a big topic in society in the present time. A lot of people are interested and concerned about fashion. But they are either costly or the same as everything else. Everyone wants to be unique and ends up being the same by doing that. If you do not have a crazy amount of money to get to a designer clothes-maker, it’s all on you to select and match. But there is another way. You can design your own clothes as you wish.

This is an amazing story about a loving relationship between a father and a daughter. Meet Michael Gardner who designs and sews up clothes for his daughter. Gardner who is 36 started to discover his favorite hobby; sewing. He started out by self-teaching with the aid of YouTube, Pinterest, and other self-guiding techniques to get a hold of it. 

At first, he remade clothes that he bought his daughter at a thrift store. But with his experience and practice developing day by day, he started to create clothes by himself. And now, his daughter gets to wear designer clothes made by her father!

Gardner’s wish was to support his daughter to build her confidence and always to see her happy. His hobby grew into his most talented activity. Now he has a blog for his designing and he is very famous on his social media accounts with huge amounts of followers.

He keeps on creating clothes for her daughter, but now he and his wife join in as well. This family is now a very fashionable one, thanks to Michael Gardner! We have collected some of his creations and listed them below for you. Scroll down to check out this awesome set of clothes and upvote your favorites to the top!

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