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This French Graffiti Artist Produces Amazing Pieces Of Art

We see artists in all sorts of stages. They practice different forms of art and also different forms on canvases. A real artist can make art out of absolutely anything. This is exactly what this talented French artist has done. Scaf is known internationally for his street art. Starting his art work as a street graffiti artist, his main choice of canvas remains to be the streets.

His choice is not plain and clear surfaces. He likes to play with the available canvas that he is presented with. The edges, the damaged walls and everything that is in the scene is being used by Scaf for his art. He likes to create 3D art work which is almost realistic all the time. He utilizes the surrounding to incorporate with his art work. From snakes to fossils and Dragons, his art is incredible. Scaf is known for posting pictures with his artwork on social media platforms. He makes them even more realistic by interacting with the subject matter of his art when he takes the photo. Street art or graffiti does not let artists think in a very formal way. Still graffiti being considered as an underground form of art, graffiti artists depend on their creativity and inspiration a lot.

Scaf has made his journey in art that he has his own company that he will attend and produce pieces of art for people or corporate businesses. Grafo Deco is the name of his company, but even though he has a business up and running, his heart always leads him to the abandoned streets where his true love for art still remains.

He is very popular on social media since he posts almost all of his work there and they are adored by many people all around the world. Scroll down to check some of his talented street art that we have listed down for you. Upvote your favorite picks to the top and feel free to share your comments with us as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Scaf | Facebook | Instagram


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