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This Girl Creates Amazing Art With Her Book Collection

People who own and read a lot of books are ridiculed by the pop society as being; “bookworms” and other unfair terms. But people who read a lot tend to have some of the most fascinating imaginations in the world. They get to create people, scenes, and even entire worlds with their imagination all the time.

These people who have a powerful mind, create all sorts of experiences by converting words. Here we have such a very creative person who has created an amazing collection of art that you might not get to see every day. Elizabeth Sagan is this person who creates ‘Book art’ using her collection of books at home.

She considers this as a homage that she pays for the awesome imaginative stories and worlds she has been taken to, by her books. This artist creates art by placing books in creative patterns and designs that she will pose for pictures with. All the fantasy characters that her books brought to her, she creates these designs literally with the help of her books.

If you take a visit to her Instagram account, you will find a lot of these ‘book art’. A lot of people respond in a very positive way to her expression of books in a society where books are tagged as ‘boring’ things. And she has done a good job at placing herself to incorporate with the books in these photos to show the interaction she has with her books.

We have collected a set of pictures of her art and listed them down for you. You can scroll down to check them out and rank your favorites by upvoting on the photos. Visit her social media accounts for more. She also takes part in the My Book Features Facebook page. Please share your valuable thought on this article in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Elizabeth Sagan | Facebook | Twitter


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