This Granny Has An Amazing Photo Collection With Celebrities

Everyone loves the cinema industry. There are amazing movies being produced worldwide, but Hollywood has the lead in the international cinema industry. There are a lot of superstar celebrities there whose names are recognizable by any person. With their fame and glamour, people rally up to venues they go to, just to have a glimpse or to get a photo of them. But only a few get a chance to actually meet a famous celebrity in real life.

That is the reason why this is an exemplary case. In Mortsel of Belgium, there is a thrift store operating by the name Opnieuw & Co, and they discovered something very interesting donated to them that they had to post on Facebook. This was an old photo album of a woman a few decades ago.

So, why is a photo album of a woman so interesting? It is because that it contained a lot of pictures of her posing for photos with some of the most famous movie stars and celebrities in the world! Today, someone has to try for months and years, just to squeeze in for a quick hello with a celebrity and this woman is comfortable posing with them. This drew a lot of attention on the internet since it was something close to impossible today, given the levels of fame they are in.

After a while, a person pointed out that this woman was in fact Maria Snoeys-Lagler. She was a former member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which explains how she got to spend time with this amount of famous people. She had also been photographing and reporting Hollywood news internationally. After researching, they found out that she has passed away in 2016 and the shop will now give it back to her grand-daughter.

The pictures and the celebrities made this thrift item a very famous and special album. We shared some of the photos in the album with you. You can scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about them.

More info & Photo courtesy: Facebook | Benoit De Freine


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