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This Grumpy Persian Cat Will Hilariously Relate To People Without Their Morning Coffee

Cats are one of the most common types of pets in households. They are a hilarious, lazy, and very cozy set of furballs that will make a cute tag-along companion for you. Even though you may expect a totally energetic pet, it might not always be the case. This is about such a cat who looks as if someone didn’t let it have enough sleep!

As funny as it sounds, this is a real cat and this IS the real expression on his face that he has all day long. Meet Barnaby who is a  very handsome Persian cat. Like all of the cats, Barnaby likes to have long naps all over the house. His owner said to Bored Panda, that he sleeps almost 20 hours per day on average. After spending almost the entire day sleeping, he still wears his smile the opposite way.

Remember the time when you had only a couple of hours of sleep when someone woke you up? The feeling you had on your face while waiting for your morning coffee is the same look that Barnaby has on his 24/7.

Although he has a grumpy face on, everybody at home loves Barnaby. His owner has made him an Instagram account where his pictures and videos get posted. So, now he does not only receives love n attention from his family but of thousands of people all around the world who love the content on his social media account. 

Barnaby has been one interesting topic for people to talk about. Therefore, we got you a set of pictures of Barnaby for you to enjoy. You can scroll down to check them out and please feel free to comment what you feel about this handsome grumpiness.

More info & Photo courtesy: Barnaby


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