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This Guy Will Show You How To Do Cosplay At A Very Low Budget

Everybody loves entertainment, everybody has their favorite celebrities and characters. Therefore, the culture of cosplay is in existence where people dress up as their favorite character or celebrity. The problem most people have with cosplay is that the costumes are costly for anyone to do cosplay. But wait, we got the news. Cosplay can be done in a very affordable way and let us show you how.

Meet Anucha Saengchart he is a very famous persona for his DIY low-budget cosplay guides. If you are an active user on social media you must have come across his content, he is known as Lonelyman on social media. He prepares his costumes himself in the most amazing and hilarious ways. But in the end, his cosplay costumes are all successful.

Most people go for the same costume with the same make, material, accessories, and so on. But Lonelyman goes for everyday items that anyone can find in their home. He may use clothes, leaves, paint, fries, and all sorts of things that you may find really odd when reading this article. But wait till you see the pictures. 

Even though many people might not know his name, he is a very popular person on social media for his content. A lot of people share his step-by-step how-to-do pictures of cosplay. He receives a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world for his amazing creativity. So, due to this brilliant mind and his popularity, we collected some of his how-to-do cosplay steps for you. Scroll down to check it out and you can rank your favorite cosplay to the top by upvoting it. Feel free ti share your ideas by commenting them below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Lonelyman | Facebook


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