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This Incredible Salt Mine Has Art & Salt Chandeliers Inside

Mining is done since a long time back and all you can ever think about mines are dark tunnels with dirt, sweat, and tired men. But this specific salt mine in Poland will change your mind. Have you ever thought of grand halls that are properly lit and filled with art when you think of a mine? 

This salt mine is not like the other salt mines in the world or any sort of mine in that case. The name of this mine located in Krakow, Poland is called the; ‘Wieliczka’ mine. Running 326,7 m deep down the Earth, it has around 2000 chambers and even a number of lakes! This dates back to the 13th century when it was opened and also presented itself as one of the most important & unique places on Earth that it was on the first list of the UNESCO world heritages in 1978.

A lot of miners used to mine here during the middle ages and it was the biggest source of salt in Poland which made around 8 tons of it annually. But now it has turned into a tourist attraction and its very first visitor was none other than Nicolaus Copernicus, you can see a salt figure of him in this mine in memory of him.

Even though this mine runs very deep, Only around 2% is open for the visitors. They get to visit the amazing carvings and sculptures inside the mine’s chambers and this mine is filled with ‘salt’ made chandeliers which are amazing. The rest of the mine is being occupied by workers to secure, reconstruct and manage the mine since there are a number of freshwater lakes as well.

This is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Poland and makes sure to visit it if you visit Poland. Here are some photos of this amazing mine that found on the internet. Scroll down to check them out and make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.


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