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This Is How Celebrities Would Look Like In Classic Painting

In the earlier ages, people did not have any way to capture or document their photos other than paintings. But paintings were not common back then, it was a big deal to have yourself painted on a canvas by an artist. Only important people like, Kings, Earls, and other powerful people had the wealth or the social status to get a such painting done.

But when we consider modern society there are thousands of ways to recreate and document your image in various mediums. Paintings are still being done, but they are not such a big deal as it was a century or so ago. This led an Instagram artist Kyès to imagine how would it look if modern-day celebrities got their portrait paintings done back in those ages.

Being a digital artist, he recreated some classic paintings as if they are modern-day celebrities. This project ended up being one of the most interesting photo manipulations you will see on the internet. Most of these celebrities are seen in very stylish clothing in the public and that is how we have always seen them, but in these pictures, this digital artist has created very aesthetically matching victorian-like outfits on each celebrity’s body.

This project has captured a lot of attention on the internet and the recreated photos are being shared all over the internet on different social media platforms. It resulted in Kyès getting a lot of exposure and attention on social media with his talent.

In appreciation of his talent and the amazing imagination of modern-day celebrities, taking them back in time, we have shared some of his work below. You can scroll to check them out. Make sure your share your idea with us in the comments sections below and upvote your favorites to the top of this list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Kyesone


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