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This Japanese Artist Designs Eye Catching Animal Figures Using Floral Art (25 Photos)

Animals are loved by everybody, they are adorable, free spirited and the most kind at heart. Many artists make animals their inspiration when creating art of their own. So, this is also about an artist who made yet another artistic set of art which is inspired by animals.

Meet this talented Japanese artist named Hiroki Takeda who has done a very attractive collection of watercolor illustrations. His element of inspiration of animals is their behavior in a garden. So, to bring the fresh, live and the free spirit harnessed into the art, he builds his subjects by using floral elements.

His medium; watercolor, gives him the vibrant flow of colors that supports him to bring out the floral elements of the picture. If it is still unclear, these animals are not painted in solid colors or realistically, they are composed by a collection of flowers, grass, butterflies and other garden-elements to create a cohesive animal figure. The usage of this composition becomes very successful in expression of the animal’s emotions and the atmosphere of Takeda’s art.

Their poppy colors attracts the eye and also the cute animals displaying natural and very liberal poses. This generates a very positive and a mellow feeling of the viewer, exactly how Takeda intended it to be. This vibrant art work of this talented and creative Japanese artist has done well on cyberspace as well, he has been receiving a lot of followers and visitors to his account to view these wonderful pictures and to share them. He has them on an online store, if you are interested, please visit to buy some of this very beautiful art.

So, we have decided to bring you these very loved floral designs by Hiroki Takeda, listing them below. Please scroll down to find a collection of these floral composed animals. Upvote your favorite pictures of animals below and also do not forget to share your ideas about this down in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Hiroki Takeda | Store


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