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This Japanese Artist Turns Stones Into Adorable Animals

Art is all about creativity and finding a medium to execute the technical application to achieve the desired art. There are loads of forms in art if you look into it. Finding the medium which suits you the best and creating art is the calling of the artist.

This artist discusses a very unusual form of art practiced by a Japanese artist. Meet Akie Nakata who is known as a ‘stone’ artist. Her specialty is that she paints rocks and stones which can be held in hand into adorable animals. It is not easy as you think. Painting art on a flat surface is hard enough, this artist creates her art on a 3d canvas; the stones. 

From her childhood, this artist had a habit of collecting smalls rocks and stones. She does not paint on each and every stone she comes across. For her to select a stone, it must call her by an aesthetic angle. That means, she should see that specific stone as a specific animal that she will later paint. She explained to My Modern Met that each stone has its own path and intention, it is her duty to discover them and paint them what they are destined to be.

Her practice in stone painting started in the year of 2011. As she was collecting stones beside a river, she has seen a specific stone in her hand that looked like a bunny. She wanted to transform the stone into a bunny and painted it into one. From that day onwards she paints ‘chosen’ stones as the animal they have destined to be.

Her art is being adored by many people online. She has an amazing talent to apply paint onto a 3D surface that is uneven and transform it into an animal. That and her sense to pick up raw stones by just looking at them is a wonderful artistic ability. We have listed some of her work below for you. You can scroll down to have a look and please leave your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Akie Nakata | Instagram 


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